While long intimate sex sessions have their perks, everybody enjoys a quickie once in a while. You might have a quickie to ease tension before that big meeting or because you missed your partner and you just can’t hold back. No matter your reasons, a quickie once in a while is good for the body mind and soul. The most important part about these is location. Find a place where both of you can enjoy a fast intimate encounter without being accused of public indesceny. You also don’t want anyone walking in on you just when you’re about to climax, do you? Because of how impromptu they are, quickies don’t give you a chance to romance your partner to get them ready for sex. Make sure they are ready before attempting any penetration. Websites such as top-site-adulte.fr are a good way to learn about foreplay for quickies. It may take some practice, but it is important that the other party is ready before you begin.

The matter of positions is tricky with quickies. The best position is the one you come up with based on the surrounding environment. Try what feels natural and just go with it. You may want to hold on to something just incase you’re standing on one leg. Don’t get carried away and rip his shirt or her panties off. Either of you could have a meeting or entertain guests afterwards. Hot sex has a way of bringing out your inner beast. Try to keep it down because loud noises may attract unwanted company. Like a great spy, the whole point of quickies is not to get caught. Make sure to give each other a final check before leaving your quickie spot. Straighten his bow tie or pull her hair back if you have to, just make sure to get rid of any evidence that might incriminate the both of you.