Improving your sexual experience with your partner

Great sex is influenced by a number of things. There may not be a right or wrong way of doing things but sex comes with certain standards that each of you must fulfill for both of you to enjoy it. You may be experiencing issues with relations between you and your partner but don’t know how to go about it. Well, here are some guidelines to help both of you. As an adult, you are expected to take responsibility for yourself. The same principle applies with sex. Being quiet about unsatisfactory sex will do more harm than good. Speak up about what you want and how both of you fail to accomplish this. Don’t scold your partner, or blame them, you might hurt their esteem. Try and create a safe environment where everyone can be heard and you can present your desires.

If you cannot determine what you want in bed, try going through some videos online and get a rough idea of various ways you can spice up your sex life. It’s okay not to know where to start. XXX porn tube is one of those sites you could search for various positions, or sexual experiences you might want to try with your partner. Know your partner’s likes dislikes and limits. In an attempt to remedy your sex situation, you and your partner may decide to try various methods to improve on your skills. Understand that people are different and cannot be satisfied by exactly the same things. Knowing what they like and don’t like is like a quick guide to what to do. Find ways to apply these likes into sexual moves. If your partner, for example, appreciates looking at beautiful things, try appealing to the visual aspects of sex with things like lingerie.