Get The Best Massages To Feel Sensual And Enjoy The Pleasure

If you want to give an intimate touch and stimulate your partner then an erotic massage is one of the best options. It is also used by some people as a part of sex, foreplay, sex therapy etc.  In this massage, male and female genitals are rubbed and massaged using some gels and oils which is usually referred to as mutual masturbation. You can get energized by your partners by giving different kinds of sensual massage.

What are the different types of sensuous massages?

Duo or four hand massage– in this massage, there are two people who spend their luxurious time forgiving the whole body massage to the receiver’s body. When the receiver sees that two people are giving massage to his body then it may be an over whelming visual experience for him.

Lingam massage-it is a kind of massage which is given to the male penis.  Basically, it is used to give anatural stimulation and sensation to the penis by massage. The main goal of taking this massage is to enjoy all the effects of the gentile massage. In this massage, some partsthat are massaged include external prostate, perineum, shaft and testicles.

Yoni or vagina massage-this kind of massage is given to the woman. It is basically used to give an honoring, loving, and natural sensation of stimulation to the vagina. You will receive a wonderful pleasure and can also achieve orgasm. It is also given for some sexual health issues such as sexual pain or anorgasmia.

Nuru or body to body massage-in this massage,massage oils are applied on both the massage receiver and giver’s body and the massage giver rubshis/her body on the receiver’s body. The massage oil which is used during the massage has not any taste or odor. This massage therapy can also be used as foreplay to enhance the intensity of sex.