FAQS about rabbit vibrators

Rabbit vibrators have become very common recently; they are a two part sex toy with one part clitoral simulator commonly known as ears and the other part is a shaft which looks like a more traditional vibrator. Why is it called a rabbit vibrator? The first rabbit vibrators were created to work around the color and shape restrictions of the regular dildo. They were created to look like colorful animals. There were different vibrators with shapes like bunny ears, butterflies and even dolphins. You guessed it; the rabbit ears eventually became more popular than the rest of the animal shapes. I know you are wondering how the rabbit vibrator works; well, the shaft is bigger and more rigid while the eras are small and flexible. When the vibrator is in use, the shaft penetrates the vagina while the ears should be able to reach the clitoris and simulate it. The vibrator works as a dual stimulant which works both internally and externally.

What are the different types if rabbit vibrators available in the market?  In addition to having countless numbers of vibrating stimulators, there are endless numbers of shapes and sized of the famous rabbit vibrators. Some models have straight shafts while others have a curved one for g-spot simulation. They can be as long as 8 inches and more or less depending on what you desire. Since people have different desires, it may take you a long time before you find something that your actually really enjoy. They are available in different kinds of materials including; glass silicon jelly and others. Jelly toys are less expensive because they are made of a porous rubber that absorbs your natural lubrication and may be hard to completely sterilize. Friendly Hostility has a list of silicon rabbit vibrators which are soft, luxurious and have a perfect hygienic quality.