Erotic Pictographic Representation: A New Way Of Texting

By gone the days of voice call, today’s world lives and thrives on messaging services, be it on several networking sites or with the help of text messages from a mobile phone. Now, people have started to express their emotions with the help of pictographic representations. There are many online applications for iOS and android platforms which will give you an opportunity to convey your feelings in fewer words. These applications have become popular among the people using which they usually do sexting with their friends and partners.

How can you convey your emotions with the help of this service?

These sexual representations help lovers and spouses to share their feelings at the moment and with this they can even spice up their sexual life. Intimate messaging helps you to feel relaxed as it is full of fun plus it also helps to you stay connected with your loved ones. This messaging service can even alleviate the relationship. There are various types of Dick Emoji to choose from viz. flaccid, rocket, and flying penis, to name a few. They are basically designed for different moods. You can even share these pictographic representations with your best friends in the form of rude messages which will surely bring smile on their faces.

With the help of this application, men and women try to lure their partners and lovers into sexual dating. The installation of this application is very easy. After installation you just have to enable the keyboard of the application. After enabling the keyboard, you can get access to many types of pictographic representations. This application is available all over the world thus you can talk to your partner or to your best friend even if you both are poles apart. With the help of these emoji’s, you can turn your posts more erotic and vivacious.